Nick Hall is South Africa’s leading lawyer in the digital entertainment industry. Nicholas has worked and trained at one of South Africa’s leading ICT law firms.

Nicholas is very well known in the South African video games industry (where he is a founding member and chair of Make Games South Africa the largest online community for game developers in South Africa, and CEO of the local industry association for video game development, Interactive Entertainment South Africa.).

Nicholas advises games companies and other organisations on a broad range of issues facing the digital entertainment sector.


Lets Talk About Loot Boxes and Gambling

It was inevitable, the rise of free-to-play and gaming companies looking at alternative revenue streams, someone was going to compare the monetisation models adopted to gambling, so let’s talk about Loot Boxes and Gambling. Background Battlefront II launched on 17 November 2017, and was immediately met with consumer back-lash, specifically for the monetisation model it …

Let’s talk FPB, Steam, online distribution and ratings

Let’s talk FPB, Steam, online distribution and ratings Who’s the FPB, and what are they doing? Let’s get everyone on the same page before going into the nitty gritty details. The Films and Publications Board (often abbreviated to the “FPB”) is South Africa’s content ratings agency. Currently the FPB is mandated to rate all ‘games’, …


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